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Product Description

Production Day4 Working Days
Ink TypeDye Sublimation
Poster MaterialPolyester Fabric
Hardware MaterialAluminium & Plastic

Product Highlights

Option for indoor or outdoor displays
Long-term for displays
Advertising flags, also known as rectangle flags and L flags
Great visual effects
Quality flag fabric, lightweight and thin
Not to be tear or destroyed by the wind easily
Allow the flags to move easily with the wind
Rectangle shape
Water flled base (Optional)
Quick and easy setup
Reliable and reuseable
Suitable for: Open day, Sport activities, Competition, Advertising compaigns, Events, Tradeshows, Roadshow, Expos, Election, Schools activities, Grand opening, Gradition, Religion events, Birthday party, Wedding party, Group activities etc..

Price Calculator

Total : 140.00

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Flag SizeSetReskin
609.6 x 1828.8mmRM140.00RM70.00

** same day order will add extra 50% amount for urgent handling charge.